When You See This, You’ll Be So Jealous Of This Pampered Pooch’s Lifestyle

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While many of us illusion about a sensuous life full of outlandish trips and intemperate gifts, this �lite pooch is branch his dreams into reality.

For Louie a Golden Retriever, his life is anything though ruff. In a gathering video posted online, Louie can be seen derisive his sly companion, Oliver, and enjoys a balmy day during a beach. But a sensuous life doesn’t stop there. Louie also partakes in a fun showering with a garden hose, as good as a enterprising high 5 and neck blemish before removing prepared for bed.

The dog days of summer might be over, though Louie is truly vital his best life!

(via Daily Mail)

Some people have to wait until retirement to suffer this kind of lifestyle, and here this dog is doing it but carrying to work or spend a penny. Where do we pointer adult to be a dog?