Who Knew Water Snakes Could Be So Vicious…That’s Gotta Hurt

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As many of us go by life, we tend to equivocate a things that shock us. For many people, snakes would tumble underneath that difficulty of terrifying things. However, there are some out there who have…shall we say, an obsession with a reptiles. YouTuber Amy Siewe is one of those people.

Back in 2011, she uploaded a following video. In it she shows a universe only how fascinating she finds a smooth things.

I’ll be honest, if we have a lizard phobia, afterwards we would advise we watch something else. It’s indeed flattering brutal.

Those bites have got to hurt.


Lucky for Siewe, these snakes are not venomous. Still, though, we can’t suppose it’s really pleasing to be regularly bitten by a H2O lizard like that.

I don’t know about you, though we cite this kind of snake…