Why has a Price of Silver been Suppressed to this Extreme Degree?

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Why has a Price of Silver been Suppressed to this Extreme Degree?

Why has a Price of Silver been Suppressed to this Extreme Degree?

Many prior commentaries have described and discussed a several ways in that a china marketplace has been manipulated in a past and is being manipulated today. What has been explained in years past, though blank from new editions, are the reasons for a sequence strategy of a china market.

Before removing into a basement for this systemic marketplace crime, it is required to quickly brand this strategy for a consequence of newer readers. The parameters could not be some-more obvious.

Silver is money. Legal proposal china coins are still constructed in a inhabitant mints of countless nations – and these mints mostly onslaught to keep a marketplace supplied. Silver is jewelry. In many tools of a universe china valuables continues to be widely fabricated, and even during a reduced/suppressed price, china valuables stays benefaction in a societies.

Nothing has altered there. But over a past century, countless critical industrial uses have also emerged for silver. It is even more valuable today. Now demeanour during the silver/gold cost ratio . For over 4,000 years; this cost ratio has gravitated around 15:1, probably matching to a supply ratio between a dual metals (17:1).

Despite being some-more profitable than ever, in a 1980’s and 1990’s a cost of china was driven to a 600-year low in genuine dollars. The silver/gold cost ratio was driven to extremes as good as 100:1. Total corruption of marketplace fundamentals.

This bankrupted some-more than 90% of a world’s china mines and gathering a china marketplace into a permanent supply deficit . The china attention has never recovered given it has never been authorised to recover.


Why has a banking crime associate (the One Bank) found it required to not merely conflict a china sector, though to many destroy it? Knowledgeable changed metals investors can supply partial of a answer here.

Because changed metals are money; china and bullion duty as a financial homogeneous of canaries in a spark mine. The supply of bullion and china income is many flat. Thus when a bankers significantly boost a reserve of their paper currencies (which they are always doing) a cost of bullion and china contingency arise to simulate this relative change in supply.

A numerical instance will illustrate this elemental financial principle: a Bernanke Helicopter Drop.

Why has a Price of Silver been Suppressed to this Extreme Degree?

Between 2009 and a finish of 2013, B.S. Bernanke eventually quintupled a supply of U.S. dollars, from a financial bottom of $800 billion adult to $4 trillion. Thus denominated in U.S. dollars, a cost of bullion and china had to also quintuple to simulate this supply increase. That afterwards becomes a new base price for these monetary metals .

The prices of china and bullion were never authorised to quintuple, if we bonus a fact that a cost of china was torpedoed by 60% immediately before Bernanke began his money-printing binge. Since that time, a supply of U.S. dollars has never decreased.

Yet notwithstanding a fact that china and bullion were never authorised to arise as distant as financial fundamentals dictated, a cost of china has given been driven down 70% from a proxy high and a cost of bullion has been driven down scarcely 40% from a proxy high. More sum corruption of marketplace fundamentals.

However, this is usually one reason that a china marketplace is subjected to an even incomparable grade of permanent cost termination from a Big Bank crime associate than a bullion market. As an instance of this rough manipulation, a permanent brief position in a china marketplace (held by only 4 Big Banks) is roughly 4,000% incomparable than a brief position in a wanton oil market, in proportional terms. Totally illegal.

The reason since a banking crime associate has a pathological loathing (fear?) toward china is given china is some-more than money. Silver is the People’s Money .

The banking crime associate manipulates changed metals in ubiquitous terms in sequence to censor a relentless, forward acceleration (and dilution) of a paper fiat currencies. But since is a One Bank constantly inflating a supply of these paper currencies in a initial place?

Bernanke’s predecessor, Alan Greenspan, explained a Big Crime of a Big Banks, in a quote now informed to unchanging readers.

In a deficiency of a bullion standard, there is no approach to forestall a lien of assets by inflation.

– Alan Greenspan , 1966

When Greenspan uses a noun “confiscate”, he means “steal”. And when he uses a noun “savings”, he means a wealth. The banking crime associate inflates a supply of a paper currencies in sequence to take a wealth.

But Greenspan’s warning is not wholly accurate. There is a approach to forestall a bankers from hidden a resources with their money-printing, even in a deficiency of a bullion standard. Understanding this requires bargain how a burglary takes place.


When a One Bank inflates a supply of a currencies, this naturally dilutes a value of all this currency, only like when a house prints adult new shares. All a banking is value reduction (worthless?), though a Big Banks don’t caring – given they palm themselves trillions of units of new currency, for free.

How do we equivocate this theft-by-dilution with honour to a paper currencies? We don’t concede a resources to be stored in these ever-depreciating currencies. We store a resources in a People’s Money (silver), where it is protected from a bankers’ diversion of theft-by-dilution.

As master financial criminals, a felons of a One Bank know that this financial boat exists. So what did they do? They broken a lifeboat.

By pushing a cost of china to a 600-year low even as a universe was regulating some-more china than ever, this resulted in intensely singular recycling of all this silver. Where is a People’s Money today? Somewhere in additional of 80% of all a china ever mined is now strewn opposite a world’s landfills, in little amounts, in billions and billions of consumer items.

This wasn’t a Crime of a Century. It is a Crime of a Millennium.

In sequence to start a theft-by-dilution crime, a bankers broken a bullion standard. One of a criminals (Paul Volcker) bragged that he was a pushing force behind this unwashed deed.

In sequence to take all of a resources (over time); a Big Bank crime associate prints adult some-more and some-more and some-more and some-more of their fake paper currencies. This is since a value of these paper currencies always collapses to zero. Always – going behind 1,000 years.

In sequence to forestall us from sheltering a resources from their crime, a bankers have broken many of a world’s supply of a People’s Money. They have broken this supply by engineering a verbatim “consumption” of a world’s stockpiles of silver.

Why has a cost of china been suppressed, going behind 100 years? Why has a china marketplace been ruthlessly attacked, to a distant incomparable grade than even a bullion market?

Both bullion and china assistance exhibit a bankers’ financial crime: their theft-by-dilution. In addition, however, china helps to strengthen us from this financial crime. We can do this by sheltering a resources in this almighty steel – and using china income for a day-to-day commerce .

This form of financial shelter was deemed to be frightful by a One Bank. It hasn’t been means to outlaw a tenure of china (yet), so it did something even some-more diabolical: it broken a world’s supply of silver.

Why continue to keep a cost of china suppressed to this ultra-extreme degree? To forestall a rebirth of a china sector, and a rebirth of china as a People’s Money.

There are still huge amounts of china sealed divided within a Earth’s crust. At a sufficient price, amiability would be means to reconstruct a stockpiles of silver. The One Bank deems this to be frightful too.

What about a regulators of this market? There are no “regulators”. The pretend-regulator of this marketplace is a Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC). The CFTC claimed to “probe” this obliterated sector, for 5 years.

What did it find? Nothing. See-no-evil; hear-no-evil; speak-no-evil. Accomplices to a crime.

While many of a world’s supply of china is gone, a reasons for us to store a resources in china have never been stronger. As we do so, we assist a date when a final unit of china disappears from a banksters’ curved warehouses.

On that day, this Crime of a Millennium will finally be unprotected for a universe to see. More importantly, it will be a day when all synthetic price-manipulation of this marketplace is shattered. Then china can once again turn a People’s Money. – Jeff Nielson

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