Why Xiaomi is customarily mentioned along other code names? What are Mijia, Viomi, Huami and ZMI?

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Everyone knows Xiaomi name by now. This company, started in Beijing in 2010, is one of a many profitable startups in a world. Xiaomi creates wearable electronics, home appliances, intelligent medical inclination and many more. However, Xiaomi name is mostly accompanied by other brands, such as Viomi, Mijia, Huami and Zmi. What is this MI family? What‘s a disproportion between these product lines?

There are several brands in a MI ecosystem – any represents a opposite marketplace segment.

Xiaomi was innate behind in April, 2010. It was immediately famous as a prohibited startup and directed to make high peculiarity innovative products in China. The initial Xiaomi step into a marketplace was a recover of MIUI software, formed on Android handling system. In 2011 a initial Xiaomi smartphone was introduced – it was customarily 6 years ago, though now a association is fourth largest smartphone manufacturers in a world.

From a really commencement it was transparent that Xiaomi will enhance to other marketplace segments as well. The association wants to make and marketplace probably everything. MI Ecosystem was combined to cover all a opposite areas Xiaomi did enhance into. MI includes a series of opposite companies and brands, including Mijia, Viomi, Huami and ZMI. So let’s take a demeanour what products are noted with these names.

Mijia trademark outlines unchanging home appliances and elementary products. Those are customarily normal bland equipment that Xiaomi managed to urge by introducing a complicated pattern or some additional features. The initial Mijia object was  a rice cooker. Chinese people adore rice and eat it each day. However, all high-end rice cookers are done in Japan, that is since Xiaomi wanted to make a genuine Chinese rice cooker, that would be cheaper and during a same time improved than alternatives during a same time. While a Mijia rice cooker had some intelligent features, Mijia pens are rather simple. They do, however, underline modern, superb pattern and high-quality components, critical from all over a world.

Mijia pens underline a simple, nonetheless neat and superb design. Image credit: Gearbest.com

How a elementary coop can be high-quality item? The resource of Mijia pens is tested to tarry 50 000 turns.

Xiaomi wants to haven a Mijia code for intelligent inclination only. Now Mijia already has Mijia 1080p, Mijia 360 IP cameras and some other products (including a flattering engaging lamp).

You competence have listened Viomi name alone from Xiaomi brand. It is since Viomi manufactures several products, associated to celebration H2O and they are customarily marketed as Viomi items, instead of Xiaomi-Viomi. The initial Viomi product was this utterly superb electric kettle.

Viomi electric kettle looks good and facilities a double filtration system. Image credit: Gearbest.com

Viomi electric kettle was launched for crowd-funding during home.Mi.com . Of course, it isn’t usually a elementary kettle – no one would even cruise such a infrequent object for throng funding. VIOMI MH1Z – A 3.5L Electric Filter Kettle has a double filtration complement with active carbon. The peculiarity of celebration H2O is really critical everywhere these days.

Viomi is not one-product brand. There is a cold H2O filter, famous as VIOMI 3.5L Water Filter Pitcher Filtration Dispenser Cup, intelligent H2O heater VIOMI 4L Smart Instant Hot Water Dispenser and an insulated 460 ml mug.

One of a many critical areas Xiaomi is operative in is wearable electronics. Smart bracelets and watches are typically made by Huami – a company, founded in 2014. Huami creates Xiaomi’s intensely renouned Mi Band 2, as good as flattering considerable Amazfit intelligent watch.

Xiaomi Huami Amazfit intelligent watch is a complicated device, suitable for daily wearing. Image credit: Gearbest.com

Xiaomi Huami AMAZFIT Heart Rate Smartwatch facilities a classical watch pattern with turn charming touchscreen, 280 mAh battery and a series of useful functions. It will count your steps, magnitude heart rate, regulating speed, burnt calories, will record altitude and a route.

This watch will also remind we of missed calls, content messages, emails, will give we continue reports and a lot of other critical information. The best partial is that Amazfit is totally H2O and dirt resistant.

Huami is a small opposite from other brands mentioned in this article. Xiaomi is not a customarily shareholder of a company. However, Xiaomi is a categorical partner and markets all Huami products.

Finally, ZMI is a brand, that covers many Xiaomi’s charging inclination – cables, powerbanks and automobile chargers. For example, this ZMI HB810 is utterly popular, since of how large and affordable it is.

ZMI HB810 is radically a 10 000 mAh beterry, that binds adequate energy to assign your smartphone during slightest several times. As common in Xiaomi range, this powerbank has additional functions – we can check a standing regulating a elementary app on your smartphone. The app will also advise we if we will be withdrawal a ZMI powerbank behind.

ZMI powerbank is both absolute and functional. It also looks nice. Image credit: Gearbest.com

Of course, there are other names underneath MI powerful – Yeelight helps Xiaomi with LED light production and Zhimi creates products, designed to freshen air. However, in a lot of cases Xiaomi name is mentioned alone – it is a obvious brand, that Chinese take honour in.

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