Will a Dip in Silver Prices Attract Buyers to Silver Eagles Again?

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Will a Dip in Silver Prices Attract Buyers to Silver Eagles Again?

Will a Dip in Silver Prices Attract Buyers to Silver Eagles Again?

A 10 percent off sale wouldn’t attract a open to a dialect store. But will it attract china buyers behind to a china American Eagle?

That is a doubt we are in a routine of answering.

Silver prices started a fast spike aloft in late June, holding it to $20.57 a troy unit in July, according to a Kitco website.

At a same time, sales of china American Eagles took a tumble.

The Jun sales sum of 2,837,500 was 1,661,000 pieces fewer than a May sum of 4,498,500. That is roughly a 37 percent decline.

The Jul sales sum of 1,370,000 coins, was 1,467,500 fewer than June. In commission terms, a decrease was roughly 52 percent.

The cost of china bullion has been operative a approach down in new days. This morning it was $18.58 a troy ounce. This is down $1.99 from a Jul high, or 9.67 percent.

I repeat my question. Is 10 percent off on china prices sufficient inducement for buyers to start returning to a china Eagle market?

This week’s buyers will give us a answer.

Through a finish of final week, buyers of china Eagles had taken 1,010,000 coins in a month of August. This is 360,000 coins fewer than Jul sales. However, this is an easy sales volume to grasp in a remaining week of a month.

Will it?

Lower china prices are appealing to long-term china investors. Present china prices competence seem to be a last-chance kind of bargain.

Gold Eagles’ trend line has shadowed silver’s, though a Aug sales total, either totalled in ounces or coins has already exceeded July’s

The one-ounce bullion Eagle sales sum in Jul was 30,000, down by a commission sum probably matching to silver’s as both sum turn to a 52 percent monthly decline.

But a using sum for Aug already has a bullion unit during 37,500, a 25 percent monthly gain.

Whether china buyers select to duplicate a bullion shopping function is what we will find out this week.




Courtesy: Dave Harper

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