Woman Pays $100 For An iPhone, Gets A Box Of Potatoes Instead

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Have we ever seen someone criticism a word “this was available with a potato” on a YouTube video of bad quality? Well, I’m peaceful to gamble that’s what this Black Friday scammer had in mind when he set out to give sum strangers a “deal of a lifetime” while offered wiring out of a behind of his black van.

Unfortunately for one Wisconsin woman, she fell for a man’s Black Friday sales and motionless to squeeze an iPhone 6 from him. After seeking a male to see a phone and have him call it to safeguard it worked, she was sole on a $100 deal. Unfortunately, when she wasn’t looking, a male achieved a switch-a-roo before handing over a phone.

Excited to come home and play with her “new phone” a lady was fast unhappy when she detected that instead of an iPhone she paid income for 11 slices of potato and an Android charger.


(via FMyLife)

I know we should be some-more sensitive about this whole situation, though we severely can’t stop laughing. Waiting in line during your internal Wal-Mart or Target doesn’t seem like such a bad thought now, does it?