Women might face a double weight-gain whammy

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Women might face a double whammy when it comes to weight gain, a new Yale-led investigate has found.

Male mice on a high-fat diet supplement cells in abdominal white gross tissue, that creates adult a lion’s share of stomach fat, though they do not benefit some-more cells in subcutaneous gross tissue, that mostly accumulates around a boundary and thighs.

As they benefit weight on a high-fat diet, womanlike mice supplement some-more fat cells in both areas, according to a investigate published online Jun 16 in a biography Cell Metabolism. The increasing fat dungeon accumulation is quite troublesome, pronounced a researchers, as prior studies have shown that a additional fat cells that form during weight benefit hang around, prepared to fill with fat again when a diet goes bust.

“This could make it harder for women to both remove weight and say weight loss,” pronounced Matthew Rodeheffer, associate highbrow of analogous medicine and of molecular, cellular, and developmental biology, a comparison author of a study.

Men, however, have small reason to celebrate, warned Rodeheffer. Accumulations of abdominal fat have been shown to have disastrous health impacts, while additional subcutaneous fat might even be protective, he noted.

Rodeheffer’s lab is now looking during how dietary fats expostulate fat dungeon arrangement and weight benefit but, for now, he pronounced “unfortunately, a best recommendation is to try not to benefit a weight in a initial place.”.

Elise Jeffery of Yale is a lead author of a paper.

Research was saved by Women’s Health Research during Yale and a National Institutes of Health.

Source: Yale University