You’ll Really Wish You Were As Committed To Eating Salad As This Pup Is

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For some people, it takes a lot of willpower to make themselves eat vegetables during all, most reduction suffer them.

This small guy, on a other hand, can’t seem to get adequate of them! When Potpie a beagle beheld a conduct of lettuce sitting on his vital room table, he knew he had to get a taste. In fact, a darling puppy done it his goal to squeeze a shaggy unfeeling and food down — no matter how many times he fell!

Watch as Potpie does all he can to get his paws on a lettuce before his brother, Maymo, finishes a job.


All that crunching is creation me crave a salad! These pups make it demeanour so most some-more appealing than it unequivocally is.